These locally handmade babynests are not just beyond beautiful but a complete product, meaning the mattress is quilted into place, and there is no removable cover.


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  • It has multiple uses that include the following:
    + It can be used as a crib or cot insert, making the open space more snug for baby.
    + It can help ease transition from the swing crib / moses basket into the bigger cot / cotbed, by making the big open unfamiliar space seem smaller and more snug, as well as the familiar smell and comfort of the babynest helping baby feel more at home.
    + The babynest can be used for safe co-sleeping, minimising the risk of suffocation.
    + It is ideal as a daytime napper as you can take baby with you around the house while you can get on with your tasks, knowing baby is safe and secure.
    + It is great for using the rolled edge to practice the much-needed important tummy-time.
    + Light and foldable, making it convenient for taking with when travelling or visiting friends and family.


    This babynest is handmade with the upmost love and care, and features the following:
    + 100% natural fabrics, soft and safe for baby’s skin.
    + Where possible OEKO-TEX will always be the first option of fabrics to use.
    + Edges have been filled with breathable 100% Polyester Hollow Fibres.
    + Constructed in a smoke-free home.
    + Overall shape & size is very flexible and can be regulated by tightening/loosening of the cords.
    + Can be used from birth up to 12 months.
    + Shape is re-sizable by loosening the cords to make babynest bigger as baby grows.
    + Mattress is quilted to ensure it stays in place and avoids lumping and bunching of inner fabric.
    + Machine washable at 30°C on a gentle cycle.
    + Can tumble dry at a low temperature on a gentle cycle (product's quality will last longer if it is flat-dried or hang-dried)
    + Removable cord-stopper and satin ribbon for safety reasons.
    + Hand crafted with the utmost quality and precision with double stitched seams.
    + Reversible design, making it easy for you to use whichever side you prefer, and changing it up for a fresh look.

    Safety warnings to be aware of:
    + The babynest should be used with adult supervision at all times.
    + Baby should always be placed with cords by baby’s foot-end.
    + Please remove the cord stopper and satin ribbon as soon as baby is able to reach it.
    + Do not clutter nest with blankets, toys, pillows or duvets, as these are seen as unsafe.
    + Do not carry your child while in the babynest or place it on elevated or uneven surfaces.
    + Always place baby in babynest at eye-level when co-sleeping, and never cover with your own duvet.
    + When the babynest is fully open, make sure cords are pulled in.
    + This product is not a toy, and should never be used as one.
    + SIDS recommendations for safe sleeping should always be followed and
    + Please discard of packaging materials safely and keep out of reach of children.
    + keep away from open fires and fireplaces - Carelessness causes fire.

    Cleaning and care:
    + Spot cleaning can be done with a cloth and soapy water.
    + Hand washing can be done in a large tub or in the bathtub, by gently massaging babynest in soapy warm water.
    + Always check colour-fastness in an inconspicuous area first before using stain removers and strong detergents.
    + Always remove cord stopper and satin ribbon before washing.
    + Pull cords out, so the babynest is in it’s biggest, flat position before washing.
    + Machine washable at 30°C on a gentle cycle.
    + If washing with other items, always make sure colours are grouped together to avoid staining and colour bleeding.
    + Can be Tumble Dried on a low temperature.
    + Flat drying on a wire rack is recommended for fabrics and trims to stay prettier for longer.
    + Can be ironed or steamed on a med-high temperature. Take care when ironing over lace trims.
    + Re-plump stuffing on rolled edges once dried and replace cord stopper and satin ribbon.


    Dimensions:  90cm x 60cm

    Mattress area is 62cm x 34cm

    Suitable to upto 12 months.


    Lead time for make-up 1-2 weeks.


    * Please contact us for any queries prior to ordering.