• Which little girl wouldn't want to twirl around in a tutu!


    These magical , water colour and proudly South African decals by Kikki and Franki are printed on removable and reusable matte vinyl  and come in separate pieces so you can arrange them effectivly to suite your room.

    You can peel and stock them until you are 100% happy with your layout for up to Four months as long as you keep both the surface and decal clean and free from dust. 

    Once left alone for 4-6 months  they set and you will no longer be able to reuse them.


    • They look absolutely magnificent on both a dark and light wall
    • It makes and easily but affordable way to transform any space
    • Please refer to the pack sizes to see what  you will recive in your set


    Lead time for manufacture 1 week


    NB: This product is not returnable